The turning point came in his life when he fell off a motor cycle realizing the fact that there is a thin line between life and death. This incident made artist to appreciate life like never before and this was the day he became so sure that he is an artist and nothing else.

He decided to leave everything behind and do what he love the most- art.  His commitment phrase became--"do I art until death". He even started signing all his paintings as "Artist SinGh". 

His success story started like many others, he came to America with no money at all to pursue an American dream.

Today, Artist Singh is a renowned Michigan artist and inventor of LatroArt painting. Creator of "worlds largest art Show". An author of a book "My Experiments with Art" and Founder of "Artist Singh Academy" that provides the most comprehensive art marketing training and personal development programs for artists.

Artist SinGh is one of the most distinguished contemporary artists known for his unusual painting styles. A man of great talent and imagination, he travels the world to promote the positive message of filling hearts with peace, love and acceptance. 

The purpose of this online art gallery (worlds largest art show) is to give art lovers all over the world a chance to enjoy Artist SinGh paintings.

Artist SinGh continues to inspires many with his comprehensive art marketing training, books, videos, newsletters, products and appearances all over the world.


50,000 paintings to choose from!

The "worlds largest art show" will have 50,000 painting once all images are uploaded. All painting are for sale and can be purchased from this website. Click the link and enjoy the inner world of Artist SinGh!


They say 99% of the artists give up on a dream of doing what they love the most because they didn't get lucky or didn't get found by someone who could make them famous. Therefore, I wrote book called "my experiments with art" to encourage and show that there is a light at the end of tunnel. This book discusses how from being a starving artist I became a millionaire.  

The book is a good inspiration but in few pages I could only deliver enough. My artist friends liked my winning strategies and suggested that I can empower more people with my talent, education and past 30 years of experience in art.

Therefore, this year, I have finally laid the foundation of  Artist Singh Academy that provides most comprehensive art education, marketing training and personal development programs for the artists.

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Working on my daily LatroArt painting.

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