Welcome to my studio!!

All the lovers and fans of my work, first of all I want tell you I love you!  

Thank you for understanding and being generous towards all my ideas. Thank you for buying my painting and giving me the opportunity to share with you all the wonderful moments I had in my painting career. It impresses me of your willingness to consider my work for your gorgeous homes.  Thank you so much for your warmest words, praises and gratitude. It’s overwhelming for all the love I get from all of you.  Thank you!

I welcome all  to take sneak peak in my paradise. I am pretty blessed to have a large studio. I create large paintings, sculpture and even do lots of large projects which are open to public inspection.  With the help of my students and apprentices I create recreations. I can only produce so  much myself therefore I like all the famous artist in the world my students help me to make the pencil drawings and the background . And then I  finish the painting with all the details.  You all are  welcome to visit my shrine in Kalamazoo Michigan by appointment.

Studio Hours & Services:

Studio Hour:

Mon-Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

weekend: 12 pm - 6pm


  • Fine Art Consultation: Mr. caution gallery  design consultant will visit your home or business, bringing artwork, prints, ideas and solutions straight to your door.
  • Collection Management Services: Having a visual and written account of your collection in an easy to use format may be the best way to insure your investment and catalog your valuables. Great for organizational and insurance purposes.
  • Installation and Delivery: We transport artwork, mirrors, and 3-dimensional objects of any size. Whether you're moving, renovating or rearranging, we can help pack, ship, design, or install your art. We also offer insured worldwide shipping and crating.
  • Gallery Rental: Host your next fundraiser, private party, or corporate mixer in the sophisticated atmosphere of our galleries. More Information. (booked until 2018 )
  • Fine Art Restoration: Full service restoration available for paintings, frames, and all sorts of artwork.
  • Commissions and special projects: Our experience in the fine art business has helped us build strong relationships within our community. Connecting artist and designers with creative directors and project managers is one of the most specialized services that we offer.
  • Corporate Art
  • Investment Art
  • Buy and Sell Art
  • Corporate team building painting activities
  • Experts in large scale art
  • Corporate Sculptures
  • Corporate art display and installation
  • Prototype building
  • We donate art to build communities
  • Picture framing: 
When it comes to the protection and presentation of your valued items, Mr. Caution Studio/Gallery there for you with experience. Because of our proven record of producing quality work efficiently, economically, and on time, we have been chosen over and over again for projects consisting of multiples including mission statements, photographs, limited edition prints, posters, patient bill of rights, notices of privacy practices, and more.

Our experience shows through our creative framing solutions and innovative designs. We understand the methods and materials your pieces need to look great and stay that way. In our twenty years in the custom framing business, we have created elaborate displays and worked within tight budgets. We are constantly challenged by your imagination, as well as our own. That means if you want something unusual, we will work with you to make it happen.

If you're looking for suggestions and ideas, we do that too!
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Drying the longest painting outside

Drying process of the longest painting

Display of the worlds longest drawing NW of the studio