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Original recreation is a copy of the original idea handmade, created, and signed by Artist SinGh

All the lovers and fans my work, first of all I want to thank you and tell you I love you!  

Thank you for understanding and being generous towards all my ideas. Thank you for buying my painting and giving me the opportunity to share with you all the wonderful moments I had in my painting career. It impresses me of your willingness to consider my work for your gorgeous home.  Thank you so much for your warmest words, praises and gratitude. It’s overwhelming for all love that I get from all of you.  Thank you!!!

Let me share with you a story behind recreating my earlier and original works. I have been painting for 35 years now.  Over the years my talent had evolved to new heights, giving me the confidence to revive the older works with newer energies. Some of my ideas and philosophical reach has also changed overtime which we all do as we grow older. I see the details differently even though my passion for things remains the same. As a result, my work looks the same like before with more maturity in my viewpoint.

For all the good reasons in the world, I decided to start recreating the earlier work. I can see the details of the pictures quite differently now. Ideas and inspiration are no different but the details, colors, strokes are more refined.

I love life and anything of beauty. I keep finding ways to reach out to more audience so that I keep delivering this beauty that never dies to my fans and friends.  So it is very clear that many of my recreations are completely new paintings.They are not machine reproduction either, and these are not original too. I am painting my beloved subjects, emotions, feelings, reincarnating the original subject and it is the same cycle that repeats every time, but shown in a different time differently.

 My heart is telling me that by reincarnating my painting  I can help and reach out to many art lovers. This way, we all together can see the beauty. As the author of my works, I want to ensure you that everything offered on the site are authentic made by me. You will see the difference from my original work which proves the new use of materials and better use strokes and talent.

All my recreation has the similar values like the older work with the smaller cost. The originals cannot be sold anymore at low prices. Also if you are purchasing the recreated new paintings directly from my personal website it does not violate the copyright and you are still acquiring a valuable piece of finest art that you can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Please Note...This work is stamped at the back of the canvas "RECREATION" of the original work.

I invite everyone to take a sneak peek into my studio.  Come see me create original paintings. Also come check my students and apprentices at work helping me create recreations. I can only produce so much myself and like all famous artists I started having students.  They help me with painting backgrounds and drawing basic outlines. Then I come in  and finish rest of the painting.