Guinness World Record, L420, Artist SinGh , 4x 20 feet, Acrylics on Canvas

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Title: Longest Painting in the world, section wlp420
Size: 4x20 feet approx.
Prize: $4000
comes with a certificate to authenticity and is signed by the artist in the front and the back
This painting is a section of the original worlds longest painting and was painted to be one large piece. Its one of a kind piece and is unique to rest of the painting.
Check it out the  Guinness book of records
The Kalamazoo artist, who goes by the name “Artist SinGh,” is the Guinness world record holder for the world’s longest painting by an individual at 3444.91 meters, or nearly 2.14 miles, according to the Guinness World Records website. - Detroit Free Press.