In the distance is my grandma's house

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You are looking at “ In the distance is my grandma's house ” –an art work by Artist SinGh. Artist SinGh is well-known as  the inventor of LatroArt painting and drawing, a holder of several world records, a TV producer, the author, the poet and founder of X the ArtPrize and the soon-to-be published My Experiments with Art, and the founder of Artist SinGh Academy.

 Dear friends, I understand that subject matter is very important. But the artist behind the work is even more important as he shares his soul on a daily basis in your homes with your family and friends. Learn more…

MEDIUM: acrylics on paper

SIZE: 24"x48"

If you are not pleased with the current size of the drawing, let me know and I can create one in the size you prefer. 

PRICE: $239


SIGNATURE: Signed on the front and back

CONDITION: Excellent / Brand New/ Frame is NOT included

TYPE: 100% hand-painted RECREATION of the ORIGINAL painting by Artist SinGh



 By UPS in the United States and most other places around the world.  Conditions apply read more 


All original-recreation subjects look similar, yet each has its own energy, mood, and uniqueness. Each painting is one of a kind and not an exact copy because it’s impossible to repeat the original subject. The recreation is 100% hand painted by me, Artist SinGh, using Artist SinGh color palette.

I have been selling Artist Singh originals for many years now. However, I want to share my art with millions of people at an affordable price, and this is possible through the recreation of original subjects. Not to boast about Art, but my recreations have a high gallery value in dollars. It is worthwhile to invest in my unique art originals or my recreation work.

What’s more, on my website, you buy directly from Artist SinGh without a middle man, making my art affordable for all.


COMMISSIONS: All commissions are welcome. Please visit the link custom orders and commissions.

SIGNED BY Artist SinGh, Certificate of Authenticity provided

  • Each painting is SIGNED by Artist SinGh.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity that includes the painting’s value and the purchaser’s name is provided.
  • If this is a gift, please provide the recipient’s name and address so I can ship the painting directly to him or her.


Painting comes rolled in a tube.

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I paint for every setting possible to beautify your home, business, and other places of interest. You can hang my art anywhere you desire.

  • Hang children’s art in a play area, children’s rooms, classrooms, and learning centers.
  • If you provide daycare, consider displaying my painting of children on walls and in play areas.
  • Place still-lifes in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or elsewhere.
  • My still-lifes, concept art, celebs, and café art are perfect for cafés, restaurants, and hotels, where they will perfectly decorate a hallway or hotel room.
  • You can hang my LatroArt Drawing/paintings in any contemporary setting.
  • If you find nothing here that fits your requirements, just reach out to me with an idea, and I will create an original drawing or painting, especially for you.

My artistic philosophy

My relationship with art stems from my confidence and skills in the visual arts. My exhibitions go beyond flat, two-dimensional paintings on canvas. I engage my body, mind, and spirit in projects I undertake. I have literally buried myself for hours while creating a work of art. And sometimes I have stood atop my own sculptures for hours at a time to create art. My philosophy has been to test my artistic skills while putting my body through stress.

Ken Livingston, a Kalamazoo photographer, believes me to be a truly international person who has gained a unique perspective on life. This perspective is the foundation of my “inner balance,” the place from which my art is generated.

I have experimented with many artistic techniques during my career, but I have especially fallen in love with my own invention—a technique called LatroArt. I developed LatroArt after being inspired by the Latrodectus, better known as the Black-Widow Spider. LatroArt allows the viewer to experience the energy emitted by repetitive line patterns.

Over the years, I have captured all kinds of subjects, but what really intrigues me is a challenge. I always strive for excellence. Every work that I produce is the result of creative freedom. Furthermore, every canvas born of my creative impulse is not only a depiction of the outer world, but also a reflection of my inner world.

I have often been the subject of controversies. I have known rejection, defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss, yet I have always found my way out of those rock-bottom life experiences. I can tell you now that it is such an honor to know that success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained a struggle against overwhelming odds.


Dear friends, I understand that subject matter is very important. But the artist behind the work is even more important as he shares his soul on a daily basis in your homes with your family and friends. Learn more…


The purpose of my online art gallery is to give art lovers all over the world a chance to enjoy my work. My mission is to create an easy and convenient way for my customers to buy art directly from the artist. Taking galleries out of loop makes a win-win situation for all.