Guinness World Record, Randum Piece, 8 x 8 feet, Artist SinGh , Mixed Media on Canvas

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Title: WLP randum section
Size: 8x8 inches
Prize: $29.99

You are buying a randum piece of the worlds longest painting (collection series)
Comes with a certificate to authenticity and is signed and numbered by the artist in the front and the back.

Copy of Guinness World Record Certificate included.

Worlds longest painting is truly a piece of history and has been a world record since 2013 and is still going strong. At this point we are selling random pieces of the painting in different sizes. 

The entire painting is a still life of pears. This means the piece you may recieve will be a still life of (a pear) as shown in the demo pieces. 

Please note: All sizes under 10 inches may or may not have any representational image. These Sizes are mostly abstract works and sold as collectable  piece of the world longest painting. 

The Worlds Longest Painting

The longest painting by an individual measured 3,444.91 m (11,302 ft 2.11 in) and was created by Gurmej Singh aka Artist Singh, as displayed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, on 14 September 2013.

It took Gurmej Singh (Mr. Caution) 38 days to create the whole painting. The attempt was sponsored by O'leary Paint and Claredon Textiles. See it in Guinness Record Book


Watch a Video! 

Media Testimonial: 

The Kalamazoo artist,  “Artist SinGh,” is the Guinness world record holder for the world’s longest painting by an individual at 3444.91 meters, or nearly 2.14 miles, according to the Guinness World Records website. 

          - Detroit Free Press.

One of the 10 best world records of 2013.


Two Mile Long Painting wins several other records!

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