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Stunt Art by Artist Singh

Artist Singh is a very unique individual in his own right. He is known for many unusual painting styles. He is a  forefather of Stunt Art painting. I rose to fame with unique ability to paint while performing a plethora of stunts, ranging from jumping from a tower to burying myself alive—just to make a painting. He stunt painting has made me a local celebrity. Many news stories have been written about me. The Kalamazoo Gazette has referred to me as “the man who redefines art” and “The World’s Best Stunt Painter.”

Encore Magazine describes "Singh, who won’t give his age, says he has been creating art for decades. As a boy in India, he did what he calls “stunt paintings,” sitting on tree branches or hanging from ropes while wielding a brush because he sold more paintings that way, he says. Evidence of his antics are on his YouTube channel (youtube.com/artistsingh), where one video shows him hanging by his ankles from the roof of the Park Trades Center, in downtown Kalamazoo, painting a canvas as an audience watches from the ground below. The video features plenty of cheering and comments about the spectacle.  Another video shows Singh standing on everything from basketballs to the top of the Fountain of the Pioneers, the controversial statue in Bronson Park, as he paints."

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