Power of Women

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This is the worlds largest drip painting.

This painting is a tribute to the courage, strength and motivation that women possess. It consists of life-sized images of local women with their horses. Original painting called "Wave of Freedom" was dropped after working on it for almost a year when I crossed paths with a woman on her horse. The elegance of this heavenly creature was so adorable that any artist would want to freeze in the moment. After speaking with this woman I learned that the owner of the horse is a young lady with cancer. I decided to dedicate this painting in honor of this brave, passionate woman. Her story touched me so much that I wanted to portray the love, the sacrifice and the strength that is within all women. I personally visited and selected the subjects from all over Michigan just for this purpose. The work is created using a unique technique called drip painting. It took me over 12 year to master the technique to create an image by simply dripping paint on canvas. It’s a large work approx. 10'x35'.