About Artist SinGh

Artist SinGh poses by the Worlds Longest Painting

Who is Artist SinGh?

Message from the Artist


All the lovers and fans of my work, First of all, I want to tell you that I am grateful to have you all.
Thank you for being supportive of all my art ideas and concepts that have led to my success as an artist. Not to mention, thank you for buying my paintings and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to share with you my inner self and many beautiful moments I had all through my painting success. I am so blessed that you consider my work for your gorgeous home and it’s a great honor. Thank you so much for your compassion, warmest words, compliments and appreciation. It’s so phenomenal, and life is great because of all the love that I get from all of you.  Thank you.

About Artist SinGh

Artist SinGh aka Gurumej Singh  is renowned for using different techniques and styles in his art.  He is the inventor of LatroArt painting and drawing, developer of his own style in "Drip Painting" where he creates the images just by dripping paint, a holder of several Guinness world records, a TV producer, the author, and founder of X the ArtPrize- a one million dollar treature hunt.
-Given name: GuruMej Singh
-Residence: Michigan, USA
-Education:  Bachelors, Emporia State University. Masters, Spring Arbor University.
     Artist Singh believes who you are is the direct result of how many varied experiences you had. These experiences become the acquired perception—a guiding light in your carrier. He is a forefather of Stunt Art painting. He rose to fame with a unique ability to paint while performing a plethora of stunts, ranging from jumping from a tower to burying myself alive just to make a painting. As crazy as it sounds the stunt painting has made him a local celebrity. Many news stories have been written about him. The Kalamazoo Gazette has referred to him as the man who redefines art and The Worlds Best Stunt Painter. Currently Singh do not partake in stunt painting but work that had been produced is valuable today


The Artist SinGh paints in various mediums and styles and produces thousands of works. So to keep things in order, he uses assumed identities for his work which is divided  into 4 main categories: 

1. Drip painting collection:
 The art in this category is done with fluid paint mostly using the technique of drip painting. It also includes priceless stunt painting that he has done past many decades.
2. LatroArt collection:
This collection Includes his invention called LatroArt where he creates art just by using long lines to reveal form.
 3. Impressionism and expressionism collection:
This collection also focuses on realistic works of art, a technique like "alla prima" or "wet on wet" is used.
4. Abstract Collection:
This collection includes an abstract modern art and Indian art. This collection consists of a complete abstract art collection.


Artist SinGh says, "A life well-lived results in the pleasantness of the thought and the balanced bodily chemistry—a catalyst of wellbeing for tomorrow. When this accumulates day after day, year after year will result in positive behavior—a very fruit for inspiration and the right attitude that gets you going. Once this habbit has been established being inspired to paint is natural". "I find inspiration everywhere. All I do is open my eyes and breathe it in. I am fascinated with life. I enjoy the challenges. I am inspired by risk even when I'm not sure of the result. I love learning in the creative process. I wonder every day how to pass on the joy of creating to all.  I do not enslave myself with one style of painting, one medium, or keep doing things, in the same way, all the time. Every subject does have its own needs, and I try to furnish that. As a result, I create in various mediums, styles, and varied subjects.  Over the years, I have captured all kinds of subjects, but what intrigues me is the challenge that comes when entering into the new sphere of art.  As I strive for excellence every work that I produce is the result of creative freedom. Furthermore, every canvas born of my creative impulse is not only a depiction of the outer world but also a reflection of my inner world."

Artist SinGh Gallery

Artist SinGh Gallery is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan and the Art Studio is in Battle Creek, Michigan. All artwork purchased from these venues comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued directly from the artist.  Our primary focus is the sale of SinGh’s Originals and Limited Edition.

If you don't see the title you desire, please call the gallery at (269) 978-0808 to inquire about the availability.