Who is Mr. Caution?
I See You
Mr. Caution is an inventor of LatroArt and a painter of lines, signs, and a lover of life. He uses symbols and signs to express his inner discipline. Mr. Cautions’ process of defining his subject matter and strategizing how he’ll communicate that to his audience is taken deeply into consideration and not overlooked, and thus young and old all remember him and connect with his work. His ongoing goal is to connect with and serve his fans. He is a committed artist who has taken his art to a whole new level. As a person, he has a strong brand that captures a potential fan or patron’s attention. His brand is recognizable and communicated consistently, and it resonates among the art lovers.    Mr. Caution is a very prolific artist who firmly believes in community good. He has donated hundreds of original artworks for the good of the community; from his merchandise collection, he donates all profit derived from greeting cards sales to support charitable causes. He often collaborates with artists around the world to support innovative art ideas, to solve critical social problems and to provide arts advocacy to expand opportunities for artists to catalyze the importance of arts in our society.

“I am an artist myself and have seen it all. I have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and I have found my way out of those rock-bottom life experiences. I can now tell you it is such an honor to know that success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained throughout struggle against overwhelming odds. I know how hard it can be to succeed as an artist. I have learned a few things that have made me successful.
Mr. Caution has won many titles, awards, and world records in art.