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About the Book
X the ArtPrize: Clue Book to Finding Treasure Worth 1 Million Dollars, works as a clue guide to finding 1 million dollars in treasure hidden in Kent County, Michigan. You must read the entire book and study all the paintings for clues. My personal story can be a distraction, so feel free to read this book solely for clues
This book also reveals the truth behind my fight for artistic freedom. I discuss my interactions with ArtPrize’s rich and famous backers who can buy media favor and enlist city authorities to work on their behalf. I don’t hold anything against ArtPrize per se; my fight has been with the people who run the show.
I created and am offering X the ArtPrize treasure hunt  to promote artistic freedom, encourage other artists, motivate the arts community, and expose the ethical limitations of ArtPrize. And finally, it is my parting gift to the people of Grand Rapids.
In addition, I hope that this book will encourage you to stand up for freedom of expression, as well as for what you know is right. It isn’t wrong to stand up against people who think you don’t matter or don’t even exist.
And remember: in the end, the treasure will still be there if not found. Now that you have this book and have decided to set forth on a journey of thrill seeking, good luck to you!
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