What is recreation?

What is recreation?
"Recreating the older subjects with improved skills"
All the lovers and fans my work, First of all, I want to tell you that I am grateful to have you all. 
Thank you for being supportive of all my art ideas and concepts that have led to my success as an artist. Not to mention, thank you for buying my painting and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to share with you my inner self and many beautiful moments I had all through my painting success. I am so blessed that you consider my work for your gorgeous home and it’s a great honor. Thank you so much for your compassion, warmest words, compliments and appreciation. It’s so phenomenal, and life is great because of all the love that I get from all of you.  Thank you.
Now, let me share with you a story behind why I am recreating many subjects of the past. I have been painting for three decades now.  Over the years many things have changed, and I have climbed the ladder of success in many ways.
My talents have evolved and have given confidence to revive the older works so that I can incorporate my new skills and technique. The details of the work are different even though my love for the subject has never changed and I remain passionate about the subject just as before.  As a result, my work may look the same but the maturity is evident in the newer work, and my viewpoint is stronger than ever even when it comes to using new techniques.
In conclusion, I can say I am not reproducing the exact painting; I am recreating the older subject with more refined newer skills—the use color palette, lines, and brush strokes, etc. Every time I make a recreation, it is the reincarnation of my favorite subject.
I grew up in a village and had spent my very childhood in the village jungle and interacting with nature and its beauty. During that time  I had learned the real essence of beauty around me. That very beauty reflects in all my recreated works.
My whole objective is to reach out to the broader audience. All recreations are sold at an affordable price, and the originals are priceless are being sold at market value. My goal is to help you acquire a valuable piece of fine art that you can enjoy for many generations to come.
Finally, I invite everyone to check out my website and share it with your family and friends.
 Also, you’re welcome to stop my stop my studio to check out how I paint the originals and recreation of the original. 
If you plan to visit, please contact me for an appointment.