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What is recreation?

What is recreation?
All the lovers and fans my work,
First of all I want to tell you I love you all!  
Thank you for understanding and being supportive towards all my art ideas and concepts that have led to my success as an artist. Not to mention, thank you for buying my painting and giving me the opportunity of life time to share with you my inner self and many wonderful moments I had all through my painting success. I am so impressed with your readiness to consider my work for your gorgeous home and it’s really a great honor. Thank you so much for your kindness, warmest words, praises and gratitude. It’s so fantastic and life is good because of all the love that I get from all of you.  Thank you!!!
Now, let me share with you a story behind recreating many subjects that I have done in the past. I have been painting for three decades now.  Over the years many things have changed and I have climbed the ladder of success in many ways. My talents have evolved and have given confidence to revive the older works with newer techniques that I have developed and the outlook on life that have incorporated. At this moment when I look back I see many things have changed as I have grown older with passion about painting. I have evolved with ideas and life philosophy which we all do as we grow older. Well, the exact reproduction of my own paintings is not my take here but recreation of the subject at the current time is. If I look back at the subject that I did ten years ago and then look at the recreation that I did today of the same subject I see the following differences. The details of work are different even though my love for the subject has never changed and I remain passionate about the subject just as before.  As a result, my work may look the same but the maturity is evident in the newer work and my viewpoint is stronger then ever even when it comes to using of new techniques. In conclusion, I can say I am not reproducing the exact painting; I am recreating the older subject with more refined newer skills—the use color palette, lines and brush strokes etc. Every time I make a recreation it is reincarnation of my favorite subject.
I grew up in a village and had spent my very childhood in the village jungle and interacting with nature and its beauty. This was the time I had learned the real essence of beauty around me. My work reflects this relationship of love romance and beauty in my paintings whether its recreation or original.
My whole objective is to reach out to wider audience to deliver this beauty on canvas with hope it will reach millions to enjoy.  All recreation is being sold at affordable price and the originals as the time passes are priceless. My goal is to help you acquiring a valuable piece of finest art that can be enjoyed for many generations to come.
Finally, I invite everyone to check out my website and share it with your family and friends. Also you’re welcome to stop my stop my studio to check out how I paint the originals.  Like all famous artist I have students and apprentices helping me create the recreations. They draw the basic outlines and help me with background and priming of canvases etc. so that I can concentration in the actual painting process.
If you plan to visit please contact me for an appointment.