What is Stunt Art Painting?

Artist SinGh is famous for stunt art is based in South West, Michigan.  SinGh rose to fame with his unique ability to paint while performing stunts such as levitating, jumping from heights, hanging himself from buildings, etc. His shows are high on entertainment quotient while producing the most exquisite art pieces. Called ‘The World’s Best Stunt Painter.’  SinGh produces his art by doing stunts and series of live paintings at the same time. In Detroit, Michigan at the great lakes art festival Artist Singh hung himself upside down from a crane and made a world record. He stood on the worlds tallest self-made easel for seven days and made paintings. In downtown Kalamazoo during the art hop hung himself from the four-story building to make a picture.  In his studio, he stood on a 45 feet tall pole for several days to make a painting and then jumped off it. When he is visiting a next-door park, he finds something like a trash barrel and paints while rolling on a barrel. Moreover, gives the creation to a park visitor.  Alternatively, he will gather people and ask them to challenge him to paint while hanging upside down from a tree without a harness, and he will paint fearless of falling into the river underneath.

When asked why do you do crazy stunts. " time is ticking,  life is passing away, and our energies are dwindling.  I want to experience life wholly.   So I should do what I can do, and what I can not do is no problem. Many of these art pieces are priceless and have a great story behind the creation itself. It was the phase of my life lived fearlessly well, and I am very proud of it."