Lady with Guitar, 7866, Acrylics on paper by Artist SinGh

Regular price $12,998.00

  ORIGINAL: 12998.00
  RECREATION: 229.99
SIZE: 22924"x36"
MEDIUM: Acrylic on paper 
Lady with Guitar

I can say I am not reproducing the exact painting; I am recreating the older subject with more refined newer skills—the use color palette, lines, and brush strokes, etc. Every time I make a recreation, it is the reincarnation of my favorite subject. Reincarnation can look different from the original. The lead time is about ONE WEEK. I will email you the proof of the outcome. After your approval, the work will is shipped to you asap.
My whole objective is to reach out to the broader audience. All recreations are sold at an affordable price, and the originals are priceless are being sold at market value. My goal is to help you acquire a valuable piece of fine art that you can enjoy for many generations to come.